Reina Bucket Bag Preview

Yay, months of hard work turned to reality!

We changed quite a number of things to our ALL-NEW bucket bag.

1) Better drawstring stopper.
After so many feedback on losing the stopper on your bucket bags, we decided to change it for good!
Now they are definitely tighter and smoother to pull!

2) 2-in-1 detachable strap
This strap got us working really hard (lots of sleepless nights).
It is pretty special as we made it easier for you to change your length easily.
Now you can carry it as handbag or as sling with just a few pull+clips.

3) Removable bottom board
To give the bag a better shape and a sturdy bottom, we have added a removable board too.

4) New Colours!


Not forgetting the Hot Favourite!

As usual they come in 2 sizes!
Launching on 14th June 2017, 8PM!
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With Love,
TSL Team


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