Leia 2-Way Handbag



After so much to and fro, we have finalised on the design of this bag.

We are so excited that we are finally launching this coming 10th of May!

Leia Handbag in Black

We took all the feedback given to us seriously.
As you can see we added magnetic closure to this bag and moved the hooks for the detachable bag strap to the sides.

Leia 2-Way Handbag in Sand

And we have a new colour – Sand!
This is also how the bag will look like once it’s totally opened up, giving a total different look!

Leia Handbag in BlackLeia 2-Way Handbag in Sand

It comes in 2 sizes too! Definitely a MUST-HAVE for different occasions!

Can’t wait to launch it next week, see you all on the 10th May 2017!

With Love,
TSL Team

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